Vision/ Mission/ Goal

Pink Pig
The kindness we receive from others becomes part of the food we prepare, and is passed on to the people who enjoy our cooking. Like ripples in a pond, we wish for these circles of warmth to keep expanding, spreading happiness and peace across the world. The people who have supported us and helped us start this project have never thought only of themselves. Together, they dreamed of the wonderful ideas this project could express and the joy it could bring to others. We are now ready to share these powerful good vibrations with the world.

Our vision
All of the services we provide come from a desire for people to find peace, happiness and health. Japanese home cooking isn’t just about nutrition or flavor, but also about sharing the harmony created by the power we draw from nature and the positive energy of the farmers who work to give us our food.
By preparing fresh seasonal Croatian ingredients in the spirit of Japanese home cooking, we want to share this harmony with the people who enjoy our food, and pass it on to the next generation.

Our mission
-To inspire everyone to find peace and happiness
-To inspire people to develop a better relationship with nature through preparing and enjoying food
-To provide services in a way that brings warmth and relief to people’s hearts