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Menu 11-15January

I had lovely time with my Japanese friends today. We enjoyed mochi-tsuki. We Japanese do mochi-tsuki for happy celebration, especially before new year. Today we did it for good luck for one of our friend who leave Croatia next week. This powerful process to make mochi cannot complete alone. Little by little we join the process and transfer energy into mochi. Through sharing mochi-making process and eat, people feels much stronger connection. I believe cooking is the one of the communication method that energy and wish who cooks directly express without words. This is one reason why I’m cooking everyday 🙂

Here is the menu for this week! I want to minimize food waste, please give me order one day prior🙇‍♂️

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

This year I’d love to start delivery cooking class service. I can visit your home and cook together! I’ll let you know the details soon 🙂


An obento box you can get main dish, green salad, 2 side dishes and rice( Brown50%, black, red, white rice and grains mixed 50% ). It’s well balanced meal. If it’s noodle menu, no rice. Cost 63kn.


Please call or SMS me for order. 0996604371

***I’ll reply you asap. If I don’t please call me. Sometime I have problem to receive SMS 🙁

Delivery time 11:30~12:30 ( Please order one day prior!)Basically I do delivery only. If you want to pick up obento box at my kitchen, please give me a call.


Party menu delivery service is also available! Please check out our website! order at least 5 days before party!


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