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Change my daily service :)

It has been more than 1 year since I opened Pink Pig Fast Food in Zagreb, Croatia. Thank you for enjoying my services 🙂

Through 2020 wave, I finally decided to change my daily service.

I stop to cook meat dishes in my daily service and start to serve plant based dish only.

I cooked a lot of meat dishes because of my friends and many people here loves meat. I just wanted to make people happy but in long term point of view, I feel it’s not good service for anyone. When I washed oily pan after cooking meat, I felt bad because I knew the stomach of customer who ate that dish was also like the oily pan. I don’t eat meat. Maybe this is the reason why I saw like this.

Let’s stop little bit and think from different direction.

I think human body needs are different depend on where you grow up and what you do in your life. You can guess easily the body needs are different between Japanese woman cook (153cm/43kg) and Croatian football player (180cm/80kg). So I don’t say what you should eat, but I think it’s important for each of us to think and feel what your body really need. For example, potato chips in the midnight. Probably it’s not necessary, except the day you didn’t eat anything. From my point of view I can guess this is happened because of some dis- balance between body and mind. We are not eating with hunger, just eating for filling up something unfulfilled. Another example, the habit eating meat every day. When it becomes a habit, we stop to think what our body actually needs and just continue the habit. What did our grandparents eat 100 years ago? Probably people ate meat or sweet dessert just in the special occasion. During this 100 years, our food cultures have been changed a lot in good or bad way in all over the world.

My basic knowledge of cooking are influenced by Macrobiotics and my family who raising me on a traditional Japanese diet.

Macrobiotics is not just a diet- it is a holistic approach to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One of basic concept that I love says “shindo-fuji(身土不二)” means “ living in touch with the land” in other words “ local production for local consumption”. The most natural thing for your body is to eat the products of your area that are in season. When I just arrived at Croatia in winter 5 years ago, I bought walnuts from a local grandma’s stand. That walnuts with full of living energy made me decided to stay here.

The secret of happy and healthy life is the secret of universal harmony this is what Macrobiotics says.

Does our life harmonize with universe ?

I think it’s time to think about this.

Now in the COVID-19 crisis, we are looking for medications or vaccine. There is no doubt the idea when we feel sick, just take a medication to make feeling better. But we cannot forget that the medicine doesn’t cure our health, it’s just a help. Our natural healing ability cure ourselves.

Not just waiting medications, let’s make our condition healthy and balanced.  

I’ll share with you what I learn from Macrobiotics and my family in the nearly future 🙂

What I cook?

I cook basically everyday different vegan dish.

In the box you can get main dish, green salad, 2 side dishes and rice (brown rice 50%, white, red, black rice and other grains 50%). Sometimes bread or noodle menu I’ll offer.

The food will be out of Japanese food frame, I’ll cook more freely.

My vegan dish made meat eating customer happy. But if it’s necessary I can add an egg. Please feel free to ask.

I care which ingredients I chose. I can feel which vegetables are not only fresh but also alive. There are many of vegetables in the town just look nice but not alive. Of course I chose eco vegetables as much as possible. The seasonings that I use everyday, I buy from organic shops or home-made. Those are bit expensive but I believe it can show my support for farmer or producer. I hope my small action to buy good products can be a part of a big movement for the future agriculture and food production.

We are what we eat.

It’s like an exaggerated story but I believe cooking is sharing life with who eat my food. I cook with my wish for who eat my food to have healthy and happy life. For cooking with this mental attitude, I try to keep myself always happy and physically and mentally healthy. 

From now on, I’d like to deliver obento that has different approach to make you happy.

Of course, someone who want to have meat dish in the special occasion, I have party set with meat 🙂 Don’t worry, I don’t say you cannot eat meat.

Thank you for reading all. If you like my idea, you are growing your vegetables or just want to eat my home food, please feel free to call me. 0996604371

I hope my little step helps me to connect new friends who are looking similar direction.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

xo Maki